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About us

Ever get jittery and anxious after a strong cup of coffee?

So did we.

Problem is: we love coffee.

On our search for something to curb the negative effects of caffeine we discovered the power of combining it with L-Theanine.

This was a game changer. Coffee just became better.

So we thought, why stop there?

Caffeine clearly has its downsides. We wanted to discover whether we could not only counteract these negatives, but actually create a coffee that enhanced the positives too.

After a lot of arduous research, we came up with our Focus blend. For us, this is Coffee 2.0. It's also only the beginning of our journey.

Our goal is to usher in the next evolution of coffee. We want to use advanced combinations of nootropics and supplements to create a variety of purpose-driven coffee. 

This isn't just coffee, it's Noocaf.