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What is smart coffee?

What is smart coffee?

If you’re anything like the average American, you likely need a morning caffeine fix to feel your best. If so, you’re in good company. According to Reuters, sixty-four percent of Americans over age eighteen say they’ve had a cup of coffee in the last twenty-four hours.

Of those sixty-four percent of coffee-drinking Americans, there’s quite a variety when it comes to the type of coffee they drink. Some drink espresso, and some drink drip coffee, but those that are in the know drink smart coffee. Never heard of it? Smart coffee, or nootropics coffee, is the new way to get your caffeine fix that’s risen to popularity in the past couple of years.

If the thought of smart coffee sounds futuristic, that’s because it is. Read on to learn more about nootropics and why you might want to join the ranks of those already sipping on this beverage.

What are nootropics?

The word “nootropics” comes from two Greek words, “noos,” meaning “mind,” and “trepin,” meaning “bend.” Some people refer to nootropics as “smart drugs” because of their ability to give our cognitive functions a little extra oomph, but what exactly are they and what kinds of mind-bending things do they do? 

Nootropics are supplements and other substances, both natural and human-made, which may improve mental function in healthy people in many different ways. Their benefits vary depending on which kind you choose. 

Nootropics are known to help with things like creativity, memory, and decision-making. They may elevate your mood and increase your focus, thereby increasing productivity. Some nootropics also allow your brain to handle higher amounts of stress and deal with it more positively.

Nootropics encompass a broad range of substances. They are often mixed to provide even more benefits. Some common nootropics include:

Also among the most popular nootropic combinations is caffeine and L-Theanine, both of which are found in smart coffee. And as you can see from the list above, they can be prescription drugs like Modafinil, which have stronger, longer-lasting effects, but you can also obtain nootropics over-the-counter.

How do nootropics work?

Nootropics work in one of two ways.

They are either single, powerful ingredients or, as we mentioned before, they can be combined. The term that refers to two or more nootropics combined is “stacks,” and stacks are carefully put together for the best possible synergistic effect.

Each nootropic supports something different, so you can pick and choose what cognitive function you’d like to enhance. There are also universal nootropics, which sound exactly like what they are. Universal nootropics enhance all aspects of cognition, and they’re a great place to start for individuals looking to explore the supplement world, especially those that multitask.

Let’s look at some ways nootropics affect our bodies and brains.

Brain energy

Our brain has some pretty significant energy requirements. It consumes about 20 percent of our body’s total energy reserves, and nootropics help power it by helping brain cells receive fatty acid material necessary to fuel mitochondria. They also promote oxygen and nutrient absorption in the brain.

Brain blood flow

Proper brain blood flow is critical so that vital resources like oxygen, glucose, and ketones can reach it. Nootropics help dilate our arteries and veins so that these resources can circulate freely.

Brain chemicals

Nootropics can optimize neurotransmitters. Imbalances in neurotransmitters can cause problems in our emotions and cognition, so optimizing their performance is essential for cognitive function. 

Brain waves

There’s evidence that nootropics—in particular, L-Theanine, which we mentioned is an ingredient in nootropics coffee—may stimulate brain waves that facilitate beneficial mental states. Alpha brain waves are the ones that interest us because, when targeted, they put the individual in a focused yet calm state that’s excellent for many activities, working in particular.

Brain regeneration

Certain nootropics may assist with brain regeneration. They do this by promoting growth factors like NGF that power our brains and help maintain the brain cell membrane.


Lastly, nootropics may favor neuroprotection in several ways, such as supporting antioxidant capacity in the brain, ridding the brain tissue of neurotoxins, and protecting the brain against stress.

What is smart coffee?

Now that you understand a little bit about nootropics and how they work, let’s get back to coffee. We said that all good smart coffee contains the nootropics caffeine and L-theanine, so you’re probably wondering what makes Noocaf different. The simple answer is that Noocaf is enriched with some of the aforementioned nootropics, as well as others for maximum effects.

What are the pros and cons of coffee?

Before we talk about the benefits of smart coffee, it’s helpful to talk about coffee benefits in general. You’re probably already aware of the many great qualities that coffee has, only some of which include:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Enhanced cognition
  • Fat-burning capabilities
  • Improved physical performance
  • Delivery of essential nutrients
  • It may lower your risk for certain diseases, like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • It may reduce cancer risk
  • Analgesic effects 

Despite having many health benefits, unfortunately, coffee has some downsides. It can cause severe problems if not taken correctly, and some individuals suffer from these issues, even with moderate use. The most typical problems include:

  • The potential for caffeine addiction and withdrawal
  • Problems with overconsumption, including tachycardia and elevated blood pressure
  • The famous coffee jitters and increased levels of anxiety
  • Sleep issues associated with excessive drinking
  • Feelings of withdrawal if the individual doesn’t drink coffee 

For some people, these issues are enough to discourage them from drinking coffee—even though they may love the taste and experience.

What are the pros and cons of smart coffee?

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of Noocaf smart coffee. It has all the same benefits as regular coffee, but it’s got some added pluses that make it especially attractive. Probably the most significant advantage of Noocaf smart coffee is that its consumption is more sustainable for a higher number of people.

We mentioned a few cons to coffee, which cause individuals who suffer from these issues to ultimately limit (or take away altogether) their ability to drink coffee. But with smart coffee, the negatives disappear almost entirely, making it possible to enjoy this beverage once again. People can do this because the formula addresses and eliminates issues like jitters.

Anxiety is one of the main reasons people don’t drink caffeine, but smart coffee won’t make you jittery because caffeine is not the main ingredient in these blends. If caffeine is present, it’s in small doses that don’t cause adverse reactions. There’s also no potential for feelings of withdrawal.

Are there any risks to drinking smart coffee?

There are no significant health risks to drinking smart coffee, but they’re not all created equal. Since they generally cost more than regular coffee, it’s critical research the smart coffee brand to make sure that the formula is all natural, only uses nootropics that have been proven by the Food and Drug Administration to be non-harmful, and doesn’t have any unnecessary additives. Noocaf ticks all these boxes.

As long as you are drinking it in moderation, there should be no adverse side effects.

The only potential issue you might run into is a negative interaction with other medications or supplements you take. In this case, we recommend consulting with a physician before drinking any smart coffee or taking other nootropics to make sure you won’t experience any unintended side effects. Pregnant women may want to avoid nootropics coffee, as well.

Who is smart coffee for?

Maybe you’re wondering who drinks nootropics coffee, and the answer is that this beverage has risen to popularity among specific individuals. Some of the people who like this product the most are students, high-level executives, and anyone whose job requires a high level of cerebral functioning like lawyers and doctors.

Though these profiles can undoubtedly benefit from the effects of nootropics, we recommend them for any adult who is interested in trying them (though we don’t recommend smart coffee for children).

Noocaf: high performance with no jitters

If you think nootropics might be able to help you, Noocaf’s Focus blend is an excellent place to start. 

Noocaf gives you all the benefits of a strong cup of coffee, but with none of the negative side effects. Our all-natural, one hundred percent vegan blend will give you a feeling of focused calm that will let you focus for long hours without feeling nervous or jittery. You’ll even get benefits to your memory and concentration for a productive day, every day. Shop Noocaf now.

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