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Great coffee, no jitters.

High quality coffee enriched with smart supplements.

The best natural nootropics mixed with the finest coffee to give you the energy you need, without the jitters.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are natural substances that safely improve the way our bodies and brains work.

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The very best coffee.

We refuse to cut corners with our coffee.

Not only do we place the utmost importance on quality, we care about where our coffee comes from.

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Take a closer look:

What's inside?


A green tea extract that provides relaxation without being sedating.


An amino acid that curbs stress-induced memory impairment and cognitive fatigue.

Alpha GPC

Enhances mental focus and increases power output.


Improves blood flow, reduces jitteriness, protects against excessive caffeine use.

Vitamin B6

Promotes both short and long term memory health.

Vitamin B12

An essential vitamin for memory, focus and concentration.

What customers are saying

This coffee not only tastes great, but I can really feel the difference in my focus levels after drinking it.

Initially I didn’t think there was a difference with focus but once I returned to my original coffee I did notice that I felt more focused with Noocaf!

The taste is really good, I can drink it straight black without any issue. Gives a great sense of energy and mental focus for when I have a lot going on in a day.